About Email List Verify

Our list verify was put in place to make sure you are sending to reputable IP addresses. This in return helps your delivery and sender score. It is easy to use and can verify millions of records at a time. It checks against our database of known hard bounces from 100 million plus. With our list verify it will also run the email list against known lists of spam bots, checks emails for correct syntax, domain parking check on the domain of the email address, SMTP check to verify if the email address exists, blocks role accounts such as "abuse@", "nospam@", ETC. After all of this, our list verify also supports .csv, .txt and .zip file.

Some key aspects to our list verify are a global "do not mail" file of people who do not want to be mailed. Also, a global "do not mail" domain list which is a list of domains that should not accept mail and blocks domains. Our results are fully exportable and are broken down by each status code. There are configurable settings on our list verify that reject certain emails based on patterns.

If you need more information on our list verify system, please contact us. It is crucial for your business to clean its list before you send out your email campaigns. It is an easy step in the right direction for you to maintain or create a better email marketing experience.




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